Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So... Norwescon, a week or so late

I really meant to get this put together right after the Con, but I've had a problem focusing.  Probably because I haven't been sleeping all that well since getting off the post-op pain meds.  I prefer to sleep on my right side and now that it doesn't hurt quite as much, I'm trying to roll over on it in my sleep.  Which does hurt.  And wakes me up.  Plus my restless legs are kicking up a fuss (not today, since I started working on my walking regimen either to and from PT or in the pool at the gym.  Now my legs are just sore as hell.  Going to have to get my stamina back before heading back to the day job.

So... How about some Norwescon pics, eh?  Some great costumes, ranging from the barely adequate (mine, since I'm just getting started putting a real costume together) to extraordinary.  But how about I stop describing it with words when pictures can do so much better?

Now, honestly, these are some of the most impressive costumes I saw the whole weekend.  A whole clan of dark elves that never once seemed to slip character.  They were silent and slightly menacing every time I caught sight of them.  Daunting.

Now, this steampunk couple obviously go all out for their costumes.  I can imagine them setting sail in their dirigible for parts unknown once the con was over.  Good thing there's plenty of balloon parking on the hotel roof, eh?

And what SF convention would be complete without Darth Maul, right?  Downright fiendish.  Of course, I can't help but think those dark elves would've made short work of him.

And, of course, the inescapable troll pirate.  Hold tight to your grog, mateys... no one can drain a barrel dry faster than a troll flying the jolly roger.

Guess who?  Don't worry, the costume will be much better by next year, if not by the Witches Ball.  Oh, yeah.