Friday, July 30, 2010

It's On!


We're hearing cries (from the media and various alleged "pundits"--well, the usual suspects, really) for "unity" and "an end to partisan bickering."

"Bickering" can be defined as "pointless" arguments with no purpose behind them. The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as "A petty quarrel; a squabble."

Oh, we're not bickering. In fact, it's offensive that anyone would suggest such a thing.

We're in a fight for the future of all of us. Not just Americans, but the whole human race. This isn't between some school kids calling each other names just to prove how tough they are. This isn't a sitcom marriage. It's a VERY serious disagreement about the rights and responsibilities of us, as U.S. citizens, as men and women, as human beings.

Anyone who calls it a mere "squabble" doesn't take it seriously enough. Not by a long shot.

We'll make peace with the Republicans. On OUR terms. As soon as they surrender their racist, sexist, homophobic, holier than thou certainty that THEY are right and WE are wrong. As soon as they apologize for calling us traitors, or allowing others who claim to represent them to do it. As soon as they apologize for branding people like Natalie Maines, Dick Durbin, Tom Dashle, and others as "traitors" or "terrorist sympathizers" for disagreeing with former President George W. Bush on the way to handle the so-called "War On Terror."

We'll bury the hatchet as soon as they repudiate the self-centered, self-aggrandizing, and inflexible "conservative" notion of "voodoo economics." As soon as they recognize that not everyone in America gets an even shot at success, and as soon as they join us in fighting to change that. As soon as they step up to defend the middle class, and the helping hand the middle class extends downward to those in need. As soon as they realize that the ultra-rich shouldn't be able to decide for the rest of us what our priorities should be.

We'll shake hands with the Republicans as soon as they admit that their religion, and their religious book, should NOT be the answer to all arguments about the nature of the cosmos, the history of the human race, and whether gays have the right to live in peace. We wouldn't put up with the Taliban here in the United States, and we will NOT put up with similar inflexibility from them either.

We'll kiss and make up when they recognize that we have a duty to this planet, to all the other forms of life that live here, and that we are both responsible for the damage we've caused and for striving to fix as much of it as we can. When they roll up their sleeves and stand beside us, working to make this world a better place again. When they too decide that the long-term fate of their children and grandchildren are more important than short-term profits.

We'll play nice as soon as they stop insulting us, insulting our intelligence, treating us like second-class citizens, and tell people like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, and their ilk that they DO NOT speak for them. As soon as they make it clear they DON'T want us jailed, or killed, for the crime of disagreeing with them or the actions of the previous administration. As soon as they stand up and say to their representatives that they respect the Constitution and don't respect anyone who refuses to abide by it.

We'll work for "unity" as soon as they repudiate all the evil that has been done in their names--as soon as they call for justice for those who've been ignored in Katrina's aftermath, those who've been sent off to war to die for a lie, those who've been turned out on the street because we have other priorities than protecting the most vulnerable among us.

We'll quit firing back at them when they set aside their unreasoning, racially based hatred of President Obama, their insistence that a clear centrist Democrat is a "radical" "socialist" "Muslim." When they stop referring to him by his middle name to incite even more suspicion and distrust. When, in fact, they stop being such racist knee-jerk assholes.

Until then...

No quarter given, no quarter asked.

It's on.

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