Sunday, September 12, 2010

History Lesson

Conservatives proudly embrace ideas we abandoned generations ago. And think this is a GOOD thing. There's a reason we moved beyond these notions... and a reason you folks have not. Clinging to outdated ideologies is what conservatives do You fought the reformation, the enlightenment, the establishment of democratic/republican forms of government, the industrial revolution, workers rights, the end of slavery, the end of child labor and unsafe working conditions, women's suffrage, social security, environmental protection (you can thank us that your water is actually drinkable--if left up to conservatives we'd be drinking lead soup), minimum wage, etc... etc... etc...

And let's not confuse "liberal" with "Democrat" here. Anyone with any knowledge of history whatsoever know that the old Dixiecrats abandoned the Democratic Party in droves when it became clear that liberals were taking over and fighting for equality and decency. They became the backbone of the Republican Party. It was called "The Southern Strategy."

Conservatives have always held on to outmoded notions with the fierceness of delusional certainty.

Not all liberals are Democrats, nor all Democrats liberal. And that's a shame. A crying shame, since the Republicans have never in their life had an original idea. Even their propaganda campaigns come directly from the diaries of Gobbels and Stalin.

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