Monday, June 27, 2011

Voodoo... that thing they do.

So... I've been thinking.  (A dangerous pastime, I know).  We're supposed to believe that tax cuts to millionaires will create jobs.  Except they clearly have enough employees to serve their current needs.  If they didn't, demand would force them to hire more people whether they kept their tax cuts or not.  Ergo, they don't need to hire people.

This prompts a question.  Why should they hire more people if they don't need them?  For the sake of the country?  Don't make me laugh to the point I choke and nearly die.  Answer --they wouldn't.  Thus, the holdup isn't really their unwillingness to hire, but the fact that that, from their point of view, it's unnecessary.  And why is it unnecessary?  Because the people who would ordinarily be buying the goods and services they provide can no longer afford them.

I can only come to the conclusion that not only are the Republicans and other supply-siders fiendishly short-sighted, but they've managed to cloud the issue to the point that few of your average Americans have the faintest idea what's going on.  And that's to everyone's detriment.

When they talk about "cutting the deficit" at this point what they actually mean is firing government employees.  In reality... it's just more downsizing.  Cutting more American jobs.  Putting more Americans on unemployment and putting them out there on the street in competition with everyone else currently looking for work.  They're talking about modifying the child labor laws.  Won't that do the same thing?  Put more people in the job market?  How will this help the country?  Raising the retirement age?  Keeping more people in the labor market?  To what end?  Increasing unemployment?  That's the obvious effect, even if it isn't the plan.  Not sure what the plan is.

If people don't retire, new openings don't appear.

All these people, but for a lucky few, are then fighting for jobs that don't exist.  And won't exist.  Because they're not needed.  The more people out of work, the more people there are who can't afford to purchase the aforementioned goods and services.  The fewer people the companies need to hire.  This is simple logic.  People spending money drives the economic engine.  Or are we supposed to believe that the top two percent are going to be buying enough to make up for the bottom fifty to sixty percent who can no longer do so?

If people like thee and me don't have the money to spend, people who sell goods and services have less work.  With less work, they need less people.  It's a downward spiral.  And that's all conservatives are selling.  A downward spiral.

Hard to say if they know that's what they're doing.  Some do.  The very rich, perhaps... they might not even live here.  Or only live here part time.  The tax cuts we're giving them to create jobs they can't and don't  create because they don't have the demand.  Without demand, there are no jobs and no reason to create them.  Not here, anyway.

So what what that about the supply side again?  What was that, Papa Bush?  Yes.  You called it "Voodoo Economics."  And you were right.

Time we put this filthy, stinking zombie in the ground, don't you think?

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