Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hell in a hand basket

I get aggravated by the hatred of modern society that permeates some sub-sections of the internet culture.  You get it from both the left and the right.  The right thinks it's lack of God that's doing it, the people on the left blame everything other than their own interests or fascinations.  People are fucked up--it's television, or video games, or rock music.

Think again.

You do understand that we've always been like this, right?  The world isn't going to hell in a hand basket.  It's been there the whole time.  What period of time are you comparing us to where we're coming up short?  When we fought to keep the races separated?  When we kept them as slaves or killed them and stole their land?  When we treated women as chattel, or other races as children we needed to "civilize?"  When we would pack up and go to the town square and have a picnic while they hang someone?  It's so interesting how much we value diversity up until we have diversity of taste.  Maybe it's heavy metal causing the kids to kill each other.  Or rap.  Or television.  Or maybe it's the fact that every time we've built large cities--throughout the whole of history--we've had the same goddamn things going on behind the scenes.  Theft, murder, rape, prostitution (of all varieties).  That's mankind, and that's "civilization."  We've vicious little monkeys at times.  But it's not modern society making us that way.  We're built that way.  As says the Police song: there is no political solution for our troubled evolution.

We do what we can to drag us out of the hand basket.  And fail as often as not.  But every time we're getting a little closer to some sort of enlightenment.  Don't think so?  History disagrees.

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