Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And so much for Live Journal.
I know, I know.  WTF did I even try that for?  I liked the idea of Live Writer, where I could write my posts completely off-line and then upload them.  And then I found out it didn't quite work out the way it was advertised.  I know.  Go figure, right?  At least MS 7 seems to be doing what it's supposed to do.

Oh, yeah.  You'll notice that this blog has existed since 2003 yet, miraculously, there are no posts before today.  I deleted the two I wrote back in 03 because, well, they really no longer apply.  My life is a lot different than it was back then.  So...

Now what you can expect from this blog?  Hard to say.  If you follow me on Twitter, or befriend me on Facebook, you already know I'm an opinionated sort.  My wife says I wasn't nearly as opinionated back in '03, but I think that's pretty damn unlikely.  I was just less vocal about it.  She's had a strengthening affect on me, for good or ill.  You be the judge.

So here you're likely to encounter the occasional social commentary, political rant, news about my writing--or lack thereof--gripes about the day job, and that sort of thing.  I don't censor my language, which is why I filed this under the "Adults Only" category.  If I want to drop an 'F' bomb, I will.  Consider yourself warned.

Speaking of warnings... a bit of politics here...

Also, I have no patience for Right Wingers, from the Ayn Rand "Free Market" nuts (as if there's any such thing), to the religious crazies looking for an excuse to practice and perfect their bigotry.  Having religious sentiments is all fine and good, but don't expect me to alter my life choices because of your religious views.

I consider myself a Left Libertarian, which means I think the government should stay out the peoples' business as much as possible, but be all up in the corporations business.  A citizen's choices may affect a handful of people, generally speaking, but a corporations can affect millions.

Especially now, considering the newest Stupreme Court ruling on the subject.  We should all be up in their grills about now.  Corporations are not people.  They are artificial constructs that operate under license granted by the government of the People of these United States.  Anyone who thinks otherwise has a screw loose.

And can we just toss out that "far left" bullshit the right has been spouting.  That would be the communists and, last I checked, the communists had far less of an influence than the barking mad fascist right wing, especially given the fact that the press drags those assholes out to comment on just about everything these days.  "Hey, let's get a convicted felon's opinion on that.  Here's G. Gordon Liddy with some feedback."

Shit... why not just ask Charles Fucking Manson?

Okay... That's over.  For this blog post anyway.

Today I picked the panels at Norwescon I was most interested in.  And yes, that's a fucking preposition ending that fucking sentence.  And, yes, fucking can be an adjective or an adverb in that context.  Take your pick.  Let's keep in mind that the whole "ending a sentence with a preposition" bullshit is a hold-over from languages in which it made sense because it screwed with the meaning of the sentence.  In English it doesn't.  'Nuff said?
I pretty much chose those things that fit within the Urban Fantasy genre, with a few in Writing in general.  That's where most of my interests lie--though I will be attending other things like the film-making discussions because that's my newest obsession.  Along with my rediscovered love of photography.  More on that later, given that I injured my shoulder getting some great shots and my wife will never let me forget it.

So, this is a taste of what my blog will be like.  Welcome to the madness.

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