Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Joy of Twitter

Word has it that Twitter's rapid ascent might have peaked--that folks are starting to drift away from it.  Twitter, of course, responds that it's busier than ever.  The people who don't get it, or don't get anything out of it, have wandered off, but the millions of folks who like conversing in 140 character or less spurts are still absolutely joyful about it.

That's not a quote.  Really.

I like Twitter.  I've been engaged in conversations with a few people all over the world on a regular basis--people whom I might or might not ever actually had a chance to speak with.  It's a place where one might engage in conversation with just about anyone, from TV stars to authors to would-be new media superstars. 
Or the ordinary fellow down the street, or all the way across the world.

That's pretty cool in itself because it allows person-to-person communication between folks who might otherwise never have occasion to meet.

But beyond that it offers the chance to visit websites one might never have considered, reading about things one might never have imagined.  From strange 3d urban artwork featured in Woman's Day to an article about an epidemic of rape in the military.

It's about people not only connecting personally, but passing along information. And thanks to people like Alyssa Milano, people responded quickly to help with the disaster in Haiti.  Twitter, and social media in general, is helping to bring people together.  And that's a good thing.

Is it a "fad," as some folks are saying?  Perhaps.  Time will tell.  But for some people, even fads last a lot longer than one might expect.

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