Saturday, February 13, 2010

Character Studies Part II

While the first book of my Infinity: Earth series is labeled a "paranormal romance," the second one is most definitely a critter of a whole 'nother breed.  It's a coming-of-age tale, featuring young Cory Flynn.  His mother is Rachel Flynn, a detective on the small Redburn police force, investigating a spate of murders with definite vampiric overtones.  She thinks it might be one of the new "freaks," who started turning up after the plagues that swept across the world the previous couple of years.  But she's not at all sure.

Cory and his best friend, Ben, are attacked and Cory is dragged away while Ben is left to explain his disappearance to Cory's mom as best he can.

As it turns out, Rachel is on the trail of a vampire.  But she's not the only one.  The creature that snatched young Cory is a vampire as well--her creator.  He gives Cory a choice--either accept what he offers, or die knowing that everything he loves will be destroyed.  Cory makes the only choice he possibly can.  The vampire, Dave, drains him to the point of death and leaves him there in the darkness to be transformed by the nosferatu virus as it has its way with him.

He awakes ravenous, but remembering what Dave told him before leaving him to die.  He begins recruiting soldiers to his side in the coming war.  The self-proclaimed Queen of the Night, the vampire bitch who's been killing his neighbors, is building an army of the undead.  He has little choice but to do the same.

Cory is young to have such responsibility thrust upon him and ends up making several missteps right off the bat.  His situation makes an enemy of his best friend, and his thirst gets the better of him several times before he gets a handle on it.

In the meantime the townspeople begin dying or disappearing in greater numbers while Rachel and her fellow detectives try to make sense of it all.  Rachel is caught between concern for her son--whom everyone else fears is dead--and a driving need to solve these terrible crimes.

Enter Amanda Keening-Grey--Federal agent, mage, and all around kick-ass heroine.  Even though she doesn't look a day over thirteen or fourteen.  She's been sent by Athena Cross, temporary head of the Paranormal Affairs Commission.  Taking care of this little problem is her graduation exercise, the one thing she has to accomplish to be promoted to full agent.

And what's worse is that in the midst of all of this, Rachel and Amanda discover that some people are not at all what they originally seemed to be.

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