Sunday, February 21, 2010

Climate Change

Oh, yeah.  People all over the world, particularly the east coast of the U.S. and parts of Europe, might be looking up and saying to one another and themselves "what global warming?"

Well, it's the middle of February and over 60 degrees here in the great state of Washington.  We've had one of the milder winters on record (pretty much the opposite of last year's big snow) and I, for one, am not complaining.  I'm tired of cold and dreary.  I was tired of it in early October.  Looking forward to Spring, even with the hayfever.

Took advantage of the weather to head out to Pt. Defiance and take a few pics the other day.

And here's a nice shot of the Olympics

And the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

I'm loving the new camera, as one can tell.  Even if I'm having to do a lot of things one-handed right now.  That's why I'm particularly happy I have a tripod.

Oh, and here's another shot after being run through a Paint Shop filter.  I like the way this looks.  Anyone else?

One of the corner towers of the Fort at Pt. Defiance.  
Somehow I don't believe it was ever used to defend against attacks by hostiles.

And another shot of the Olympics

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Mara L said...

you know I'm loving the "no ice so far" very mild winter...but I wonder about what this will do for the water reserves. Especially if we have another brutal, oddball HOT summer like last year. Great pics!