Thursday, February 25, 2010

Surgery in my future

Well, as most of you know by now, I fell down a hill and busted up my shoulder pretty good.  Was waiting for it to heal and it kept not healing so we did the doctor dance and I got a CT scan.  Turns out I tore the ligaments away from the bone so I have no support anywhere away from my body.  No wonder I can't lift anything or move my elbow away from my body worth a damn, eh?

So I've got surgery coming up, which will be my fourth surgery in my life.  This might be the most serious, considering that it's trying to reattach something that's come completely loose.  I figure I'll be down for a little while before I can even go to PT.  So that's some short term disability before I can go back to work.

Time to finish my newest novel.

With any luck I'll have something new and shiny to show off by the time I head back to the day job.  Something that isn't connected to my Infinity stuff.

So far it's coming along quite well, thanks for asking.  I just started Chapter 5.  Which is roughly 12,000 words or so.  Not too bad.

What can one expect?  Well, it's a Saje Williams novel, which means it's going to take myths and legends and do something twisty with them.  If you've read my Infinity novels, you have some idea already.  If you haven't, maybe you should.

The one thing the Dark Alliance books will NOT include is vampires.  No blood-suckers.  Psychic vampires--well, that's a different thing entirely.  I'll be introducing you all to the notion of 'Travelers...'  Souls that can travel from body to body at need.

And I won't be giving any more of it away than that right now.  Suffice to say that it'll be another wild ride.  I promise.

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